What would you like to study ?

At EU Language School we understand that everyone has different objectives so we offer an extensive range of courses to meet every need. Whether you’re starting from scratch, need better language skills for work, or want to certify your language competence, we can help you achieve your goals. In addition to our general and intensive courses, conducted in small groups, we also offer one-on-one teaching and an internship program. To offer a high degree of flexibility, you can take a course for as many weeks as you choose.

EU Language School

Our Spanish Courses

Intensive Spanish

Build your confidence in the core language areas. You will leave us as a more confident and effective communicator in Spanish.

General Spanish

Develop your language skills for travel, work and leisure.

Business Spanish

Develop your Spanish language skills for work situations, including phone calls, meetings, presentations and networking.

Internship in Barcelona

Improve your Spanish while gaining experience in a professional environment.

Other Languages

General French

Prepare for a semester or a year at EU Switzerland with this interactive and dynamic course.

General German

Prepare for a semester or a year at EU Germany with this exciting, hands-on course.

EU Language School

EU Language School

Private Tuition & Exam Preparation

Private Tuition

Accelerate your language learning through private classes.

DELE Exam Preparation

Prepare for this prestigious qualification to demonstrate your language competence to companies and institutions around the world.